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The Original Waffle Co. English Style Waffles 8x130g*

Simply heat with toaster or oven.

APN: 8858762710017

The Original Waffle Co. Belgium Style Waffle 8x200g*

Simply heat with toaster or oven. 4 per packet

APN: 8858762710109

Walcrisco All-Round Toasting Waffles 12x180g*

Toasting waffle can be enjoyed heated or straight from the pack taking only 30 seconds to cook they are a great breakfast, snack or dessert when served with ice cream.

Produced in Australia.

APN: 9313597311154

Erica’s Kitchen Pavlova 6x500g*

Low in salt, cholesterol & Gluten Free.

Making entertainment easy.

Product of Australia.

APN: 9310366000028

Erica’s Kitchen Meringues 10’s 12x100g*

Low cholesterol, gluten free, ready for you to serve with your own filling.

Product of Australia.

APN: 9310366000059