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Baxter’s Fig, Date & Balsamic Chutney 6x235g

This Mediterranean inspired chutney is wonderful for a tapas style supper, perfect with a rich nutty Pecorino Romano cheese, shaved slices of prosciutto, olives and warm chunks of cibatta rustica.

APN: 9340398000512

Baxter’s Caramelised Onion Relish 6x240g

The sweet caramelised onions complement the rich balsamic vinegar in this classic family recipe. A tasty addition to any barbecue, alternatively add to your gravies for extra flavour.

APN: 9340398000505

Baxter’s Mango & Ginger Chutney 6x250g

Ideal in sandwiches or with salad.

Product of Australia.

APN: 9340398000215

Kitchens of India Pineapple & Green Pepper Conserve 6x320g

Pineapple & Green Pepper delights your taste buds with the sweetness of fresh, juicy pineapples blended with the pleasant pungency of green pepper.

APN: 8901725100698

Kitchens of India Apple & Cinnamon Conserve 6x320g

Apple & Cinnamon tickles your taste buds with a skilful combination of the flavour of fresh Himachal apples with the piquancy of cinnamon.

APN: 8901725100674

Kitchens of India Sweet Sliced Mango Chutney 6x300g

Sweet and sour slices of prime Indian mangoes marinated in a mildly spiced, ginger-garlic syrup. Sometimes sweet, sometimes sour and spicy, this chutney is sheer unforgettable delight.

APN: 8901725100704

Kitchens of India Tamarind & Date Relish 6x300g

Delicious dates, in a tart and tangy tamarind base comprise the tongue tingling Tamarind Date Chutney. A piquant dip for fried snacks!

APN: 8901725100728

Kitchens of India Tomato & Chilli 6x300g

With slices of tomato with garlic and green chilli, the Tomato Chilli Chutney is sure to lend its fiery nature to any meal.

APN: 8901725100711

Baxter’s Classic Tomato Chutney 6x225g

Based on mothers own delicious recipe, we added juicy red capsicums to create a contempory accompaniment that is perfect for barbecues, salads and sandwiches.. Audrey Baxter

APN: 9340398000529