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Three Threes Stuffed Vine Leaves 6x400g

These delicious vine leaves are stuffed with the finest ingredients and are cooked to perfection. They are a special blend of rice, herbs and spices rolled into one. They are carefully hand packed into the tin and are ready to eat.

APN: 9310480333569

Tolga Estate Black Garlic 6x40g

Black garlic is best known for its creamy charred sweetness, rich flavour and aroma, and offers super powered antioxidant and other health benefits.

Can be enjoyed raw spread on crackers, adds complexity and flavours to fish, meat, eggs, salads, and even ice cream and desserts – limited only by your imagination!

APN: 9369999073909

Three Threes Australian Beetroot & Red Onion Relish 6x250g

Proudly manufactured in Australia.

Three Threes Australian Beetroot & Red Onion Relish is a delicious sweet relish with a thick texture.  It has a great flavour to add to your favourite hamburgers, salad sandwiches and wraps, or with chicken and lamb.  Three Threes Beetroot relish is fabulous to serve alongside your favourite cheeses and enjoy with crackers.

APN: 9310480334191

Three Threes Country Style Apple Sauce 6x250g

Full of Australian Grown Apple Pieces – think about that next roast pork dinner !!

APN: 9310480334108

Three Threes Australian Beetroot Super Strips 6x250g

Three Threes Beetroot Super Strips are 100% Australian grown quality beetroot. Available in an easy to use, easy to open, re-sealable convenient jar.

APN: 9310480334283

Baxter’s Caramelised Onion Relish 6x240g

The sweet caramelised onions complement the rich balsamic vinegar in this classic family recipe. A tasty addition to any barbecue, alternatively add to your gravies for extra flavour.

APN: 9340398000505

Kitchens of India Apple & Cinnamon Conserve 6x320g

Apple & Cinnamon tickles your taste buds with a skilful combination of the flavour of fresh Himachal apples with the piquancy of cinnamon.

APN: 8901725100674

Baxter’s Classic Tomato Chutney 6x225g

Based on mothers own delicious recipe, we added juicy red capsicums to create a contempory accompaniment that is perfect for barbecues, salads and sandwiches.. Audrey Baxter

APN: 9340398000529